THIS THING of DARKNESS – Harry Bingham

Mr. Bingham continues, nay, raises, the already high standard of his gripping DC Fiona Griffiths series with this fourth novel.

this-thing-darkness-coverFiona still walks a thin line on the edge of sanity, but is slowly finding slightly more solid footing on Planet Normal. She is at least helped by the loyalty of her superior officers in the Cardiff police who support and guide their odd detective constable to remain within the acceptable guidelines of police procedure. She is encouraged to undergo the study and tests needed to enable her promotion from constable to sergeant. Their support would be unlikely if they knew the full secret of her Cotard’s Syndrome, and her close affinity with the dead.

Forced to act as an evidence Exhibits Officer, a role that she hates, she continues to ferret away at some unconnected – except to her – unsolved mysteries that involve common impossibilities. A security guard dies falling off a cliff, valuable artwork is stolen then returned, a marine engineer commits suicide in a locked apartment, and Fiona finds a thread to connect them that leads her to a crime of multi-million-buck proportions.

As the dust of her pursuit starts to rise on their trail, the gang zone in on her to find out exactly who knows what about them, and they have a useful little instrument to make her talk…

The language flows beautifully; smoothly clipped to enhance the tension and fit Fiona’s thought processes. The tension is enormous and the intervals of relief life-savingly welcome before facing the next breath-robbing, heart pounding moment.

The background mystery of Fiona’s past continuously weaves a thread of clues that bind the series to a list of names of really bad people. And Fiona fears that her adoptive father is somehow involved. However, the answer is not here or now and thankfully we have more of DC Fiona Griffiths to look forward to.

Harry-binghamThere’s a Fiona Griffith’s Club to join, and free stories to download if you go to

Needless to say, this is an honest review for BOOK POSTMORTEM. Thank you, Harry, for the review copy.


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