BLIND SIGHT -Carol O’Connell

In an oddly stuttering narrative, but very realistic action and thoughts, Carol O’Connell has an original way of putting the picture together. This is Series No. 12, featuring her tough, scary, prickly, female detective, Kathleen Mallory.

Blind SightA blind child, feeling his white stick way down a busy sidewalk, and a Catholic nun, disappear abruptly. Without trace, except for the cane.

Four bodies, in various stages of decomposition are found on the lawn of the mayor’s mansion. The most fresh of which is that of the nun, Sister Michael.

Detective Kathy Mallory and the NYPD’s Special Crimes Unit tackle the mystery; the missing child, Jonah Quill, giving the case the required urgency. The clues are sparse and the liars plentiful.

We see a lot of the action from the captive Jonah’s point of view, and here the author shines with a vibrant insight into the world of the visually impaired, and the resources they, who have never seen, develop to compensate.

Carol O'Connell

Carol O’Connell.

It is Mallory’s stubborn refusal to accept that Jonah is also dead that keeps the matter on the front burner. She has an uncanny understanding of things not said, things out of place and the ability to weave the lies into a pattern that will begin to make a picture. Even if that is in Braille…

You might not believe everything that the Mayor tells you, but the priest? Mallory sets out to rattle some cages.

Brilliant writing, good plot. Thank you, Katie Grinch, [] for asking BOOK POSTMORTEM to attend the crime scene.

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