The JACK CALLUM Detective Trilogy – Maynard Sims

The wonderful thing about trilogies, when you have thoroughly loved the first one, there are more to come. And with this one, two more could never be enough! I felt rather lost when, in quick succession, I finished the third. What! No more?

I loved them.


DI Jack Callum is everything I’d look for in a real life hero; a man we’d be proud to know and call friend – canny and tough, loyal but firm. He is very human and decent in the oldfashioned sense of the word. A family man; we get warmly fond of his wife Annie, his two daughters and his fifteen year old son.

All his characters are such real people, and we know folk like them – the good, the bad and the brutal. The ambitious, the beaten, the sly.

There is smooth readability: the voice is warm, the flow is never logjammed. The three stories are gripping, but threaded with humour, and lots of common sense.



The plots, set in England in the late 1950s, are involved without being too convoluted. Feasibility, possibility and accuracy prevail.

no-evilIn the first tale a body is found with mouth and eyes sewn shut and wax sealing the ears. It is not the last, either. No evil…

prime-evilIn the second the body of an actor is found nailed to a tree, the start of an ingenious story of turf war…

For Her sins.jpg

Then, in the third, the body of a young nun is discovered prostrate on an orphanage chapel floor, severely stabbed. Under his tenacious guidance, DI Callum’s team pursue the clues to the surprising conclusion.

Maynard Sims.gif

Len Maynard & Mick Sims



Thank you, Mick Sims, for sending this delightful package to my Kindle! Herewith my absolutely honest review. 



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