CAST IRON – Peter May.

Could this be the last in the excellent Enzo Series? From skeletons in a lake to some in cupboards, the truth could kill this likeable determined investigatorCast Iron cover.jpg.

Enzo Macleod, a retired forensic expert living in France, had been set an almost impossible challenge of cold cases, the last of which involves Lucie Martin, whose bleached bones are discovered when a severe drought dried a lake and exposed her remains in what had been the deepest part. This suggested local knowledge, and to Enzo came the belief that this was not unsolvable. As he interviews anyone involved in the now nearly quarter-century old murder, from retired policemen to Lucie’s family, his own life and that of his family, become endangered.

Enzo is endearingly fractured in his personal life and relationships, and his choices have sometimes been terrible, but he has a determinedly loyal nature, reluctant to believe the worst in his intimates. In pursuit of his quarry, he is equally one track minded, a quality that will soon set the killers onto him with deadly fury.

If there is a problem with the fluidity of this tale, it is in the involved and convoluted backstory from the previous in the series. I think a reader’s chronological approach to the Enzo Series would be advisable to avoid confusion, but, this being my intro, I still enjoyed it immensely.


Peter May

Meet the latest PETER MAY fan. Me. And there is a lot of work from this prolific writer for me to seek out.

Thanks to Alice Geary of for the eCopy for review.


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