THE PROTECTOR – Danielle Lenee Davis

Enter Detective Sydney Valentine. She’s strong, sassy, intelligent, likeable and above all, a loyal friend.

The Protector

Sydney and her colleagues are well drawn, flesh and blood, and I especially liked the repartee. As to the plot, the body count rises and gets closer to home until the inevitable target is Sydney herself, which makes for an exciting ride as characters you have now gotten rather fond of are threatened.


The antagonist I found to be a little dubious but I suppose there is no limit to mad murderous maniacs in life. What’s needed is the convincing depiction thereof and I was not entirely convinced. Twists are there as required, but there should be more of a shucks-I-shoulda-seen-that-coming feel to them, rather than where-did-that-one-come-from?


Danielle Lenee Davis

Danielle Lenee Davis

However, that is not to say I didn’t find this intro to Sydney Valentine enjoyable or entertaining. I did, and I think the author is going to grow to dizzying heights with so much evident promise.

Thank you, Danielle, via Instafreebie for this Kindle copy. Good luck with the marketing, which is often harder than writing a good thriller.

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