BLEED FOR ME – Michael Robotham

(Joseph O’Loughlin #4)

Bleed for me- RobothamMy introduction to Michael Robotham was when I reviewed BOMBPROOF awhile back to find it an unexpected delight, but somehow never got back to finding another Robotham to get my teeth into. With a gap in my ARC books supply from publishers since the December hibernation, I found BLEED FOR ME in the village library and loved every page. He is edging from excellent to fantastic and without hesitation he is in my top ten current crime authors.

Joe O’Loughlin, a psychologist, is often involved in testifying the sanity, or not, of criminals who might be attempting to so plead to get out of jail free. He is a wonderfully empathetic character, dealing with the onset of Parkinson’s disease, and a teenage daughter.

Michael Robotham2

Michael Robotham

In this, the fourth in the series, an incoherent, bloodied Sienna Hegarty, his daughter’s friend, arrives at Joe’s door seeking help. The police suspect her of killing her father, a retired policeman himself. She says she remembers nothing. Joe needs to unlock her unstable traumatised mind before the real killer escapes justice and murders again.

Definitely not only an un-put-downable tale, Joe also becomes a friend. Thankfully, there is more of him to be had and I have become an instant fan.

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