Raging a t StormHarry Beck used to run a fishing and boat hire service in the Bahamas. Used to; now he’s a wreck since an assassin killed his friend and business partner. His grief is destroying his marriage as well. Let’s not mention the businessman who would like to see him dead. To compound his problems, the assassin’s target arrives back on the island followed by the assassin and one mother of a storm. Harry had better get his ducks in a row, fast.

I enjoyed the first in the Bahama Series and reviewed it on BOOK POSTMORTEM awhile ago. This offering by the voracious pair of writers, Maynard and Sims, is no less of a masterpiece of a gripper.

Maynard Sims

Maynard (&) Sims

The flow is great, the plot not beyond the bounds of feasibility and the characters are totally believable. When Harry finally gets his act together, he is a gritty hero with a good sense of the right thing to do and the guts to try and get it done.

Thanks to Mick Sims for the review copy. Hats off.


  • ISBN-10:1629898414
  • ISBN-13:978-1629898414


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Writer of thriller novels. 6 Published: 'Purgatory Road', 'The Barros Pawns', and the Detective Dice Modise Series:'Hunter's Venom - #1' 'Medicinal Purposes Only - #2', and 'Children Apart - #3; and 'Tribes of Hillbrow'; all from Southern Africa.
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