IF THE BED FALLS IN – Paul Casselle

He is a man in two minds; are either of them his?

If the bed falls inThis question is an excellent summary of this action-filled tale of extraordinary originality. A tale of two personalities linked by drugs. Flabby, middle-aged photographer Tom Friday is under psychiatric care to try to cure the damage done by a long cocaine habit. Highly trained secret agent Miller has lost parts of his memory due to a too-heavy dose of truth drug administered by a combination of MI6 and the CIA agents who tried to get at the details of the suspected plot. Having escaped, they need to re-capture him to find out how he is involved with a band of men who call themselves the Bedfellows.

The purpose of the Bedfellows is rooting out the Bankers of the New World Order in order to try to break their hold on the system they have manipulated for more than a century. Miller needs to evade their agents while trying to remember his role as the Bedfellows assassin and exactly what their mission was.

As Tom, he is ill-equipped to deal with the world of espionage and murder. As Miller, he must not only battle the forces arraigned against him, but the flip-flop nature of his psychological alter-ego.

Paul Casselle

Paul Casselle, author

I was prepared for a struggle to find some sort of order eventually in the confusion, but soon I was wrapped up in the convolutions without stressing too much about whether I would understand it or not. The writing is entertaining and fluid, even if the plot is baffling. Go with the flow, and enjoy the first in a three-book series with the One-Percenters, or New World Order, as a back-story.

Plucked at random from INSTAFREEBIE, I made a lucky choice. Thank you, Paul Casselle!


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