Anatomy of a scandal.jpgA court drama with twists. A politician, a close friend of the British Prime Minister, is standing trial for the rape of his mistress. We see the chief characters mainly through the eyes of the female judge whose detachment grows thinner as the case unfolds, and the wife of the accused whose turmoil is intense. The characters, their flaws and strengths, their fears and motives, are all beautifully drawn. Sarah Vaughan’s writing is impeccable.

The plot is plausible and the secrets finally revealed are convincing, but sadly, the pace, for me, dragged. I have to admit to skimming from time to time, although this did not rob me of much in the way of important detail.  If we are talking stars, here, this would be a three. The mechanics of the court, while emotionally brilliant, seemed to be flawed in the logic of the arguments and witnesses called as well as the evidence presented.

Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan – author

For more patient, forgiving readers, this will be a good quiet read to savour the word skills of a master writer, while perhaps not that of a brilliant story teller.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for this Simon & Schuster imprint. ISBN9781471165009.

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