MURDER by PROXY – Sandra Olson

murder by proxyA highly competent nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit seems to always be on hand to coolly save babies lives when emergencies arise, almost before the doctor in attendance has a chance to give orders, everything is on hand with a competent efficiency that brings admiration from staff and parents alike.

Joyce Lattimer, a new nurse on the staff, thinks she sees an adult dose being administered when an infant’s dose is called for. That causes her to wonder if something weird is going on. When other babies die unexpectedly, she starts to wonder if the nurse is so perfect, after all.

Her investigations just might be the death of her as well.

Enjoyed this very tense first half, and Sandra Olson’d medical expertise is not belaboured. However, then her romantic novelist takes charge and the action slows down to a snail pace with too much detail absolutely not pertinent to the plot except that it describes the wedding of the protagonist. I confess I skipped a lot here to get to the essential dramatic confrontation and conclusion.

sandra olson

Sandra Olson – author

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