OUT OF THE DARK – Gregg Hurwitz


Out of the Dark.jpgExcellent. One of the best thriller series around today.



Why is the American President obliterating the agents of the clandestine Orphan Program, especially Orphan X’s very first assassination assignment? Evan Smoak needs to find the answer before the combined forces of Orphan A and the US government catch up with him. Evan needs to assassinate the President himself.




BOOK POSTMORTEM reviewed Gregg Hurwitz’s HELLBENT a year ago. https://bookpostmortem.wordpress.com/2018/03/07/hellbent-orphan-x-3-gregg-hurwitz/

This is another excellent five-star thriller. This is top drawer for entertaining tension and almost, but not quite, over-the-top action. As well as the convincing depiction of a socially inept hero, the plot includes the mission Evan has set himself to answer a call for help from the desperate. The author handles his knowledge and research with convincing assurance, creating a unique un-putdownable tale.

An Asperger’s afflicted replacement-night watchman at a bonded warehouse, Trevon Gaines, in calling Customs, is the cause of a huge drug shipment going missing. His punishment by the dealer? The massacre of his entire family, excluding his sister who is out of the country, but returning soon as a target.

Trevon is given Evan’s help number, and calls.

Gregg Hurwitz

Gregg Hurwitz – author

Now Evan must juggle his primary mission and the evasion of the forces against him, and dealing with Trevon’s enemy before the sister gets home, as well as a rocky personal relationship that totters on the edge of melt-down.

My thanks to PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE, South Africa for this Penguin/Michael Joseph imprint ARC.

ISBN 9780718185497.

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