HUSH HUSH – (Detective Harriet Blue, #4) Candice Fox & James Patterson

Harriet Blue is back.

Hush Hush.jpgWell, after being sprung from prison as Inmate 3329 by the man who put her there, Deputy Commissioner, Joe Woods, she’s back.

Her mission, and the reason she is free, is to find Woods’ daughter and granddaughter, because, with all his resources, Woods has failed and is getting that desperate.

But, she has given herself a second mission. That is to exonerate a fellow inmate from internal murder of the prison doctor, Doctor Goldman, and find the real killer. All the while tracing the contacts of Woods’ wayward daughter to find her and her child. Woods’ threats of re-imprisoning her and his interference are no help. Even with the help of her two loyal friends, Ed Whittacker and Tox Barnes, the latter of whom carries almost as much baggage as the tough Harriet does, as well as her mentor, retired cop, Pops Morris, both tasks look well nigh impossible.

So, where does that leave us? With another un-put-downable Harriet Blue adventure thriller, of course. But my problem is to divide my praise between the prolific James Patterson and his army of junior writers, because not all the combinations really work as well as this one. So, I’m going to assume that Ms Fox does most of the hard work and Mr Patterson puts out an idea here and there, and probably approves the final draft? 70%-30%?

Credit where it’s due, then. If I’m wrong; tough. We’ve still got a cracker of a read, and a brilliant whodunnit twist.

Thanks to Penguin Random House, South Africa, for this Doubleday Imprint ARC.

ISBN 9780899701.

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Writer of thriller novels. 6 Published: 'Purgatory Road', 'The Barros Pawns', and the Detective Dice Modise Series:'Hunter's Venom - #1' 'Medicinal Purposes Only - #2', and 'Children Apart - #3; and 'Tribes of Hillbrow'; all from Southern Africa.
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