The Family Skeleton Series #6.

Publishing Date: September 24, 2019. That’s tomorrow, folks.

The Skeleton Stuffs.jpgDelightful light reading – very light, I might add – involving the most unlikely pair of investigators readers of cosy mysteries have met in a long time. Alright, Georgia, the English teacher at one of the town’s two colleges is pretty acceptable, but her fellow sleuth is the family skeleton who lives in the attic, spending a lot of his time surfing the Web and making spreadsheets to list all the suspects, and clues, in their latest mystery.

Georgia’s teenage daughter reports that the family dog has brought home a human femur, which turns out to not belong to their friend Sid. They backtrack the dog to a vacant lot where a hoarder’s home once stood and show the police the site where human remains are found.

Who do they belong to?

How did the owner die?

Sex, age, manner of death?

The police are stumped, but a friend of Georgia’s admits to having a clue they must keep in confidence. So, of course, now it is up to Georgia and Sid.

All good spreadsheet stuff, which has Sid’s bony fingers tapping his computer keys and scratching his skull thoughtfully, sometimes in a detached fashion as Sid can disassemble at will, allowing his skull, hand and cell phone to travel inconspicuously in a bag with Georgia to observe the various sites of interest at will without scaring the rest of the populace.

Leigh Perry

Leigh Perry – author

The little tidbits of clues lead to the college, its museum and various college businesses that flourish, or fail, as a means to teach the students about that big bad world out there. There is romantic romping, daily college student dealings, family fun, perpetual puzzles, copious curious characters and tenuous trust.

Not cliffhanger stuff, but I enjoyed this a lot.
Thank you to Alex Sprague – (Q. M. Hall | Marketing and Publicity Intern) for this ARC from Diversion Books, via NetGalley.

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