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Brilliant. Sometimes I regret sticking to crime fiction, and this is one of those times. Well, someone dies and someone goes to prison, but that’s not really what this enchanting story is about. Meeting handsome American, Bennett Van Cleve, touring … Continue reading

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KILLER INSTINCT – James Patterson & Howard Roughan

A terror attack on New York’s Times Square interrupts Professor Reinhart’s lecture. Knowing his partner was taking their adopted daughter there as a treat has him headed that way at breakneck speed. C4 explosive packages rip the Square apart, followed … Continue reading

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THE SECOND SLEEP – Robert Harris

An interesting concept; eight hundred years have passed since the scientific IT revolution collapsed in about 2025. With the world, then, so over-populated that when electricity and IT failed, thousands starved and millions from the cities overwhelmed the countryside in … Continue reading

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(Jack Ryan Universe #27) An intricate, suspense-building sequence of events is laid out; a series of disastrous incidents indicating evidence of a massive security breach in the world’s most secure firewall ever designed. The whole of the US security is … Continue reading

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