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Jim Nesbitt on HOWARD OWEN and Willie Black

Jim Nesbitt is the author of three hard-boiled Texas crime thrillers, The Right Wrong Number, The Last Second Chance and The Best Lousy Choice. All three are available in paperback or Kindle at JIM NESBITT REVIEW: OREGON HILL BY … Continue reading

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(An Ed Burch Novel #3) Take good note of the genre-tag: Hardboiled. Don’t take it lightly. This, the third in the Ed Earl Burch series, is that in spades. If you can’t take the flow of bodily fluids in all … Continue reading

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TERROR MACHINE – Denison Hatch

Both the author, Denison Hatch, and his protagonist, NYPD detective Jake Rivett, have gone from strength to strength. I enjoyed the previous Rivett adventures a lot, but this tops the three as the determined impulsive investigator goes from undercover cop … Continue reading

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BEYOND THE TRUTH – Bruce Robert Coffin

A JIM NESBITT REVIEW of Bruce Robert Coffin’s BEYOND THE TRUTH is a gritty and relentless tale of Detective Sergeant John Byron and his squad of Portland, Maine police investigators on the trail of truth about one of their own … Continue reading

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