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TWO STONES, FOUND SIXTY YEARS APART, AND BOTH HOLDING CLUES TO WHAT MAY BE THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS Enjoyed this, #2 in the Dan Kotler Series. I found it more credible than the first, which I did indeed enjoy, … Continue reading

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The FATE of KINGS – G.P.Taylor & Mark Stibbe

For me, any mention of the French Revolution immediately conjures up visions of Madame What-have-you knitting as the heads roll at the guillotine. This historical adventure of a plot to assassinate the king of England to initiate a similar revolution … Continue reading

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MUNICH – Robert Harris

A tense historical thriller set in 1938 Europe as the storm clouds gather with Hitler already flexing his territorial muscles, and Chamberlain diplomatically fighting to avert war. Two Oxford student friends have not laid eyes on each other since their … Continue reading

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