DEBBI MACK & MARIA PEASE – Their Sam Thrillers.

Two thriller authors – World Women’s Day, so I can’t say Authoresses – both with their Sam protagonists (protagonistas? heroines), both legal thrillers, or at least, of their Sams, one is a paralegal and the other a lawyer.

I am not comparing them; I just happened to be struck by their similarities (should that be Samilarities?) and by the fact that I got these e-copies both off  PROLIFIC WORKS for FREE at the same time. Worthwhile indie authors on this platform deserve all the reviews they can get, so when the mainline publishers that supply BOOK POSTMORTEM CRIME FICTION REVIEWS with ARCs dries up, I like to select from this handy source. And do my bit to give a little exposure to those often unrecognised writer bees.

LEAST WANTED –  Debbi Mack

Sam McRae Mystery #2:

Maryland lawyer, Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae has to deal with two separate clients, both accused of murder. As she tries to get a handle on defending them, she finds that not only may the truth set them free, the cases may be linked.

And the closer she gets to that truth, the closer a killer stalks behind her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this mature writer’s LEAST WANTED, #2 in the SAM McRAE series.



Readable and exciting; Maria Murdock Pease is a master at raising the heartbeat and quickening the breath with superb chapter-end suspense. Whether to risk cardiac arrest and read on, or not, is a difficult decision for timid readers.

The protagonist’s occupation as snoopy paralegal is not entirely convincing, but I could not help but enjoy the brash red-blooded Sam Parker. I despaired for two big-brother-type male friends whose cautionary advice she keeps ignoring, to her potential peril. Thus her impetuous actions thrust her into the sights of really bad-ass people, and of course therein lie the thrills.


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Writer of thriller novels. 6 Published: 'Purgatory Road', 'The Barros Pawns', and the Detective Dice Modise Series:'Hunter's Venom - #1' 'Medicinal Purposes Only - #2', and 'Children Apart - #3; and 'Tribes of Hillbrow'; all from Southern Africa.
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